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Why source from a procurement consultant? Because we’re more than just a dealer. At GMT, trained experts and engineers will advise and support you. We draw on our extensive experience in a wide range of sectors to recommend technological solutions and high-quality products for you.

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Our services


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At GMT, you’ll find the experts to bring your projects to life.

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We provide you with everything from a single source, from unmachined parts to welded assemblies.

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We don’t just produce individual parts for you – we mount them to form assemblies in line with your technical drawings and specifications.

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Our ISO 9001 certification is the basis for our high quality.

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Pick & Pack Service

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We tailor our proprietary logistics concept to your business so that we can respond flexibly to your needs.

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We provide outstanding flexibility thanks to our close partnership with the freight forwarder Spedition Grohmann GmbH & Co. KG.

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Our Customers

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