Swift and professional attendance to all deliveries!

Bang-on-schedule deliveries geared to different time frames

Scheduled-deadline production is only possible where supplies remain consistent and reliable. Where contractually agreed, we are able to offer bang-on-schedule deliveries geared to different time frames i.e. specific time period or date.

Partial and total quantities

For orders involving medium to large-scale series we provide facilities for delivery in whole or in part depending on how your production-flow cycle operates. We achieve high standards of flexibility through close bonds of partnership with our Spedition Grohmann GmbH & Co. KG

Consignment stocks

On the lookout for a reliable and flexible supplier for your consignment stocks?
We offer a supply process fully adapted to your own production schedule. In addition, we provide assistance with coordination and bring our resources into alignment with your planning requirements.

Second source

We accord top priority to security of supply. To achieve this objective we draw on a whole pool of manufacturers whose prime concern is focused on meeting the demands imposed on your products.

Our Customers