Professional and accurate storage of your products!

GMT Logistics Centre

We operate our own central logistics centre for proper storage of series lots and rapid retrieval of your products. This allows us to respond to your requirements with the desired degree of flexibility.

Picking and Packaging

We pick and pack your orders at our central depot. The combination of different methods ensures time-saving workflows, all aimed at dispatching each order on its way - safely and in the shortest time possible.

Minimum stock levels

Coordination of all stages from the production phase right through to outbound delivery gives you the opportunity of retrieving warehoused goods whenever required. In line with contractual agreements we guarantee minimum stock levels of your products.

On-site coordinators

Flexibility combined with systematic organisation applied both to dispatch and the management of stocks is ensured by our on-site coordinators who coordinate production times in our own production facilities and those of companies working with us.

Our Customers