Purchasing advisory service: Our expertise is simply there for the asking.

Purchasing service advantages

Benefits to be gained from our purchasing consultancy service: We are more than just suppliers. You have direct access to a trained staff of professional engineers backed by a wealth of experience in a whole number of different branches and providing sound recommendations for mastering technological solutions with sophisticated products.

Professional support service

Professionally trained engineering and technical staff ensuring expert support in planning, coordinating and implementing your orders – ranging from initial research, selection, alternative products and sampling right through to series production.

Everything from one single source

Not to be confused with ordinary dealers, we are a specialised team of consultants, technologists, engineers and manufacturers, guiding you on each step of your project from planning to final delivery.

Production | Storage | Delivery

Your guarantee of quality

Creativity and technical/technological know-how are there to accompany you through all stages of testing and optimisation of your product developments. We have every conceivable facility available for correcting and carrying out fine-tuning adjustments to sampled products and preparing them for production in small, medium and large-scale series.

We are certified: ISO 9001: 2008
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